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    Innovate & Transform

    Your Innovation Toolbox - stop talking about Innovation and make it happen!
    Supported by Business Transformation & Organizational Change Services - in order to innovate, you also need to change...
    Organizational Design & Business Transformation 

  • So what does this mean in practice?

    How can we help you?

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    Amplifying Innovation - ASA Amplification Lab


    Our mission is to help organisations of all size on their innovation & transformation journey. We leverage on Human-Centered Methodologies to initiate, accelerate change and drive efficiencies. 


    The Amplification Lab offers everything you need to get started and/or complement and amplify your existing Innovation capability. Our practical solutions can ultimately help you:


    • initiate and/or accelerate innovation

    • build a culture of  innovation and agility by expanding the mindset, tools, skillset and competencies of your people: leaders, managers and employees alike. 

    • initiate and/or accelerate any transformation & change initiatives thanks to human-centered methodologies


    Whether you are just after a simple Insight Research paper on the Innovation opportunity space in your areas of interest, targeted training & workshops to support your innovation and transformation efforts, off-the-shelf solutions you can deploy quickly (e.g. Hackathons, Bootcamps or Corporate Accelerator) and/or more fit-for-purpose solutions to tackle complex and ambiguous challenges, just get in touch.

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    Transformation Services

    We can assist with business transformation and organizational change that is necessary to evolve towards more a innovative and agile culture. We help you build an agile capability to support your strategy and ensure you evolve, change and transform in a fast pace and changing environment.



    Innovation Capability

    Do you have a strong imperative to innovate and want to build a world class Innovation Capability, redesign or amplify your current one? Do you need help amplifying or accelerating innovation within your organisation?


    Are you thinking of building an Innovation Center / Hub / Lab or improving your existing capability?



    Organisational Design & Business Model Innovation


    Do you feel there is a disconnect between your strategy, business model and operating model? Do you feel there are hidden pockets of value in your business model but uncertain about how to uncover those?


    We enjoy the challenges of complex governance and people issues, high degree of change management, need to innovate and think outside of the box, dealing with a problem that is not well defined or understood, context involving a broad range of stakeholders (internal and external). This is where we can augment how you operate, amplify your initiatives, amplify your people.

  • What makes us so special?

    Our DNA, our People, our Approach...

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    Empathy & Tailored

    This is not about us and what we think. This is not about your competitor or peer. Everything we do is about you, your people and your particular context. We put a lot of empathy in everything we do and our success lies in engaging and understanding your context.
    Adopting leading concepts such as business model design, lean management, design thinking or open-innovation approach, we work with you to truly understand your needs, your people, and come up together with the best tailored solution, both novel and useful, at the service of your vision.
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    Lean & Impactful

    To avoid any confusion Lean means avoiding waste. We aim to simplify and clarify complicated concepts and framework, we aim to avoid waste by designing and advising on the right solution for you, no more, no less. We speak plain English.
    Simplicity is also at the core of our advice and solutions: introducing as much value as possible in the most simple way as possible through an iterative process avoiding waste. Being lean drives adoption, drives innovation, drives impact and results. Simple.
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    Organic & Sustainable

    Corporations are "living organism" and complex ecosystems. We treat them as such and approach everything we do from this angle. How likely are we to disrupt the ecosystem by introducing new elements?
    We recognise that the connection points in this ecosystem are your people. 
    Beyond existing processes, frameworks, foundations that might already be in place, your people are your most valuable assets. Any solution we explore is human-centered, we plant seeds in your people to drive adoption, we assist coming up with the innovative solution together, a solution that will grow organically and sustainably.
  • Vision - Why we do what we do?

    Companies at all stages of their life-cycle and across all industries need to constantly innovate and transform themselves to grow and adapt to an ever-changing environment.
    There is no such thing as "business as usual". Innovation, velocity, agility and ability to transform have become key competitive advantages.
    Our vision is to help companies meet those new imperatives. We help companies solve their innovation and business transformation challenges. We help companies reach business excellence whilst remaining agile.
    Our vision, in an ever changing world, is powered by innovation

  • Mission

    Our mission is to help design and build tomorrow's organisations, a combination of Innovation Ability, Agility & Business Transformation Readiness
    Our mission is to deliver Fit-for-Purpose, Evolutive and Cost Effective services to help you innovate and transform. We help design and implement practical solutions to better support the strategy, facilitate innovation and build strong and agile foundations for sustainable growth. 

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    Eric Saint-Andre


    Strategic thinker & T-shaped professional: 15+ years experience of the enterprise (fifteen years of advisory/consulting & corporate experience) combined with 6 + years of practical entrepreneurial & innovation experience.


    Enjoys using the two sides of my brain to solve complex and ambiguous problems.


    He is passionate about leveraging on Human-Centered methodology to help companies out there drive meaningful and sustainable innovation and has wide and deep knowledge & experience of innovation methodologies & tools (Design Thinking, Future-Driven Business Innovation, HCD, Lean startup, Value Proposition Design, Business Model Innovation).




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    ASA Advisory can draw from a network of experienced advisors, consultants and facilitators to assemble a fit-for-purpose team. 


    In line with our methodology designed to service your specific needs,  we are able to assemble the team of experts and associates that will deliver fit-for-purpose outputs.


    All our ASA Partners have extensive experience in their fields, share our vision and values, and live and breath our approach and philosophy. We work hand in hand. 

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